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these songs were made between fall 2011 and spring 2012. i hope you enjoy them. let me know what you think: mummiesinspace@gmail.com


released May 31, 2012


tags: folk home Texas


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Daniel Texas

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Track Name: the moon, and me, and you
as i stared at you, i lost my cue to walk away from my view - the hair on you looked blue - the moon, and me, and you - nocturnal like the best owls - walking around the worst street in a weird part of town past midnight - i wear the king's crowns - backyard hats and very few sounds - sitting under lamps so my eyes can adjust to the dimness that i've supplanted in my life for light - and don't come out from hiding just to find a possessed person like myself in the night for rights to the bragging ones - brown paper fashion nuns - always licking my own gums - dumbing down my thoughts so i don't have to think much - and pray tough - don't let the armies of youth play space bums - and really - watch out for that space junk
Track Name: phone and keys
switching my phone and keys between my pockets - try to find the equilibrium and zen within my walking - staring straight ahead with my right foot in the middle of the road - i don't think they know - i forgot how to drive home

pictures don't mean anything to blind people - a hunch backed deaf guy climbing a steeple - skipping brunch to catch a ride with guys that don't laugh at the situations they're in - i'm out of breath - i lost my wind

i lost my mind - i found my twin - he was with me all the time - i count on chimes to count me in - nothing else to call a friend

i called a friend - he said goodbye - i laughed so hard - and then i cried - i didn't cry - do not repeat - do not enter - please, just leave

i touched a poisonous plant - with my bare hands -
Track Name: something about you
that night i dug under my fingernails to find the dirt you might have left - i cleaned my hands and rinsed my mouth - i substituted natural chemicals for manmade chemicals in hopes of finding balance - what i found instead was inside my head - it said, you are quite the challenge

i came up with an idea that i thought would take off - it turned out to be me - goodbye, so long - like a plane i landed softly, but not without some guidance - when the rubber met the tarmac, it greeted it with silence

are you still in line or are you waiting on time - i don't mind - did the air marshall shoot you out of the sky because i don't know how you ended up in my life - are you an alien - that would be nice
Track Name: dept. stores & dinos
carrying jars of teeth through a corridor lit with filtered light - the storm door's bolted - and the vault's padlocked shut - my luggage stolen by ancient bandits after skulls and pebbles - a collection of fossils deposited at the bottom of a stream bed - department stores and dinosaurs - schematics that i left on my work bench

i lost it, then picked it back up and put it in my pocket - all my dogs have human names - i finally think i've lost it - all my cats have butler names and when i see your face my eye color changes - now, it's not all the same - i'll touch anything you touch - i'll follow you places

i thought i didn't like you, but really i just don't want to be around you - harsh in critics eyes - more fragrant than it sounded - hard to cut so many ties when your habit's to double-knot them - trying not to type these lines because the loss of data's costly - and i'm standing on a mountain of mines - and i can see the earth curving in front of me

you're the surest - everything you say is so certain - look at those curtains - pull them on back to see if it's worth it - sitting in church in my dreams when the preacher addresses me - he says, leave me be - go out and see what you see
Track Name: sorry, dan
and i’m sort of done with this - i didn’t think it’d come to this - standing at the toilet - i think i’m out of piss - but i couldn’t get myself to zip up and wash my hands - i just stood there thinking, “sorry, dan” - sorry, dan - the eyes in my head haven’t rolled back yet - i haven’t stopped understanding that life’s a bet - ‘cause i keep on winning with the thoughts that i get - jackpot’s got me talkin’ ‘bout a new life again -

walking down the road with my hands in my pockets - looking kind of nervous passing rows and rows of shopping - i think i found zen when i lost track of time and the beats of my shoes kept my rhythm in line - i said, “i talk out loud because, if not for myself, these words would not be reached by anyone else” - i plead, “forgive me now or drop dead quick.” - my brain then reacted with a clenched up fist - strained my back acting out a childish fit - veins spewed out of my transparent wrist
Track Name: don't go back...
Hey, did you think I’d go back to your place? - Well, I won’t do that. I’d rather throw it all back in your face. - Faster than a speeding train. - And I know all my songs sound the same.

Ignore my shortcomings. I tried my best to please. I said please when asking for things. I think that should at least get me out of your way. And I don’t want to figure it out.

No, oh. Don’t go back. No, oh. Don’t go back. No, oh. Don’t go back. Oh, no. Don’t go back.

If I was Spider-man, then I’d strive to be bigger than myself. If I was an old school house, I’d pride myself in ruling out the possibility of feeling for a human being. This expanding space is out of whack. Keeps on and on like an hourglass.
Track Name: quiet american
i'm just a quiet american doing the worst that i can to be the person i am - eat verses out of hands and spit them back out again - cheap stuff surrounds me, so i say goodbye to all of it - overextend my elbow as i reach past the breaking point - faking smoking joints to impress my neighbors - then i ask myself, "should i play it straight or act my nervous self?" - well i choose neither

don't go calling my name

self-centered and pitted against my former enemy which is myself with more splinters in my body - make my lips sound like a horse snorting - sorting my priorities, but not really - is the light still on or is that dawn - i've had my eyes closed for way too long - i talk about my bones like i have constant contact with them - well, i do move and my tongue touches them when i express my moods - to be left in the forest or woods like a tourist with no shoes like a feral child i saw on the news

dont' go calling my name
Track Name: oops, i did it again
seated and repeating daily paths - i meant bleeding stacks - bleeding gums murphy playing the sax - i believe in that - fleeing fast from awkward run-ins and cheating at crummy races just to get you back - i'll get back at you as soon as you lose the act - scenes and stage dives - act fives and no replies - i'm disguised still as a runaway train - off the tracks - these lyrics packed with a lot of one-liners that don't mean jack - take out your earbuds, buddy, doug funnie - and do something productive with your life - like start running - i'm sorry, but killing time just isn't a crime - it just isn't a crime

oops, i did it again - i put myself before my friends
Track Name: took
you suggested going out to sea, but i'm not a good fisher - changing my bird song to become a better whistler - i'll do whatever as long as i'm with her - i feel for a girl unlike my sister - strange ways - straight forward - the plants in your garden have grown away from the shade and toward the sun - i saw a list in the sky written in the clouds - i read it on the way home from your mother's house